When to Start Baby Food

Being a new mom is amazing. However, it is very difficult. You need to know what to do and, sometimes, you just don’t know. Perhaps the most difficult part of being a mother for the first time is knowing exactly when to start baby food. In fact, a lot of mothers out there start earlier than they should. Especially those mothers who give their babies formula. A recent research on the subject shows that almost forty percent of mothers start giving solid food to their babies before four months old -which is the earliest recommend age for solids-. They do this, not because they are bad mothers but because they are encouraged by their health care provider.

The study also shows that mothers who give formula to their babies are more likely to give their babies solids before time than those who breastfeed. It is important that these numbers are considered not as a tool for judgment but as a way to understand parent’s motivations when it comes to feeding their babies. In fact, the early introduction of food is part of a culture in which parents have very little time to spend with their newborns and, therefore, giving them solids is much easier than formula.

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