Walmart Merrill Lynch

George McReynolds is the name of the man who won a millionaire lawsuit towards Walmart Merrill Lynch. The reason? discrimination. This guy made a landmark in the history of racial discrimination when he won a historic settlement. This 69-year old guy had gotten used to discrimination until one day he decided to end the game. He just wanted to be treated equally by its employer. As a black man, he was used to inequities everywhere he went. He knew exactly what it was to be excluded from social events or lunch at work.

he knew that he was discriminated up to the point in which the receptionist told callers that McReynolds didn’t work at Merril Lynch. This fact meant that he made less money due to the fact that he had fewer clients. he was teamed up with two white brokers and things were good until the team dissolved. That’s when he lost about $30 million in client assets and he had to give up his office. His new desk was located outside the restrooms. 

So, he was systemically treated unequally. And he took the decision. He led one of the most famous discriminations cases ever. Turns out Merrill Lynch was pulling maneuvers to make him quit his job.  

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